Google Webmaster Tools Setup Process

Google Webmaster Tools Setup Process

October 9, 2020 0 By DigitalSnehangshu

Webmaster tools are not simply to view your search ranking in the search engine but it’s much more than that. Google webmaster tools are actually your Google search engine management tool. In general, it is one of the tools that are used to inform the Google Bot on how to view your website while crawling it.

Site Verification:

The very first thing required to do, while setting up Google webmaster tools, is to add or put up both of your website URLs. The reason behind this is that Google Bot is naïve; it really does not know and both are the same websites. Therefore you need to add both the site URLs and use any one of the methods for verification. The a.html file or HTML META Tag file can be loaded in your root directory. Everyone does not have access to the root directory of the website, so meta tag verification can be perfect for websites running on maybe a Blogger.

Sitemap Submission in Web Master Tools:

Once your website is verified, the next step is to load a sitemap to the server. There are various tools available to generate the sitemaps automatically, they crawl the website and add up pages that they find. But you need to ensure that all these pages are reflected in the XML file, as they might not find all the pages, depending on the internal linking structure. Check and ensure that the sitemap is submitted successfully in Google Webs Master Tool since it tells you if it is successful and how many URLs are been submitted and that how many more URLs are present in the web index.

Checking HTML errors:

This one the diagnostics section, that not only shows your stats about how Google bot is doing, the crawl statistics, more importantly, any errors like 404 Page missing, this may happen if incorrect URLs are placed in the sitemap. Or if any links from some other websites have been placed bad URLs on their websites. One more important section of diagnostics that you need to pay attention to is the HTML suggestions. It displays what Google Bot thinks you require fixing, such as duplicate Meta tags. Many times you do not have control over the Page Title or the META tag description; like in few blogs, they create Tag pages for the keywords. This can be fixed by going to the Site Configuration section and selecting settings. There is a link that is called Adjust Parameter Settings, hereby adding a parameter and setting to IGNORE, the Bot will ignore them.