How To Boost Your SEO With Google Adwords

How To Boost Your SEO With Google Adwords

October 2, 2020 2 By DigitalSnehangshu

Boost your SEO with Google AdWords

There are several advertisers who make use of Google AdWords as the chief PPC network. To Boost your SEO with Google AdWords for paid traffic to the website. It may be even used for search engine optimization. Here, we have shared a few steps on how you can make use of Google Ad Words for SEO.

To do Keyword Research:

The most crucial use of Ad Words for search engine optimization is to do keyword research. Keywords have great importance in the SEO campaign. You are specialized in your niche, you can easily boost your SEO with Google AdWords. You need to do keyword research. What matters more for getting high ranking for your site is which keywords your audience is in search of and not which keywords you as a specialist think are most well-known in a place.

A keyword research tool is necessary if you want to find out what your users are in search of. A number of keyword research tools are available. Google AdWords is a popular and best keyword research tool. You can easily make use of the AdWords tool for researching keywords. In this tool, only you need to enter the URL of your website or you can enter seed keywords; you will easily get a complete bunch of suggested keywords. This tool automatically generates a list of keywords. You can go through the list of keywords and shortlist the relevant keywords that have a great global search volume.

All of us want to rank well for the list of keywords, it is better to focus mainly on a selected few. You have to search for some keywords, which are comparatively simple to optimize and still have a good search volume. These will be the keywords with the slightest rivalry in the search engines. You need to go to In, you need to type each of the shortlisted keywords.

It is always better if you perform a search for the right phrase. Now, you need to note down how many web results you got for each of the keywords. When you will get the number of search results for each one of the shortlisted keywords. Now you can calculate the competition ratio by dividing the global search engine volume of keyword by the number of web results. Keywords, which have high ratios, are very simple to optimize. You are now able to begin doing SEO for keywords.

To make sure that the Keywords you have Chosen Convert Best:

Once you have chosen the keywords, verifying whether such keywords really work for you mean if they convert rightly is good for you. It does not matter how accurate you have been when choosing your keywords, if you do not test these keywords in practice then you will never know whether they work well or do not. You can even choose lucrative keywords that have a high global volume.