How to Get Your Website Indexed in 7 Days or Less

How to Get Your Website Indexed in 7 Days or Less

October 3, 2020 2 By DigitalSnehangshu

If you want to rank your site and want huge traffic for your site then Get Your Website Indexed in 7 Days. There are many Search engine optimization strategies and tips available to follow huge traffic and get a good ranking. Everyone takes efforts to bring his or her site in the top ten sites. Everyone who runs the website wants to get a great number of visitors to the website. You just have to index your website in Search Engines.

Here, we have given you a few of the most important steps on how you can index your website in the top three search engines. Now you can bring your site indexed in the top three search engines. Also by this, you can generate more organic traffic to your website. SEO optimization tips are more important for this purpose that one needs to follow.

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  • Create a Blog: It is one of the important steps that one needs to follow. A few well-known blog hosting clients are Blogger, WordPress, and LiveJournal where you can start posting about any topic that you want. After one day, you need to make a post, which relevant to a similar topic as your site. Like if your site talks about dog training then you need to make the post in a new blogger about dog training only and not about other topics. This is one of the most important SEO tips that an SEO expert needs to follow.
  • Insert a Link within the post to your site having the targeted keyword in it: It is another most essential step that one should follow to get the site index in the search engines fast. It works effectively as all the SE’s like blogger blogs and hence crawl them very often.
  • Form an Article related to your site and inserts a link to your website in the bio box of your article: It is one of the effective SEO tips and tricks that must be followed by the website owners to get a huge number of visitors to the website. One can go to the site and create there a free account. In this article site, post your article.

    They will take some days to review and publish your article. But you have to write it by following the guidelines. It works because gets crawled on regular basis by Search Engine spiders and as a result, your site gets huge traffic. One can even create an account at other important article directories such as Go Articles, Article Base, The Free Library, and Article Monkeys. Try to write a good resource box for your site. Once you submit the article to these sites, you start getting notifications of acceptance by the article directories you submitted too.
  • Never submit your URL to the Major Search Engine: Do not commit the mistake of submitting your URL to the major search engine instead add website pages there.

The above-given steps are useful to help you in getting your site indexed in top search engines with ease. These steps work as the best guide for a person who wants to bring the site in top search engines.