Search Engine Submission Importance in SEO

Search Engine Submission Importance in SEO

October 3, 2020 2 By DigitalSnehangshu

Search Engine Submission is an initial and very important step for any website owner. They have to submit the newly launched website to the major search engines directly to drive organic and quality traffic. There are several promotional tips and techniques. But search engine submission is the most likely used way to promote a website. To boost and generate quality traffic to your site, best SEO and website promotion are always needed.

Actually, you do not need to submit your website to major search engines. Yahoo, Google, and Bing as their spiders; crawlers and bots themselves find most of the sites on the Internet. Instead, there are two major reasons why one must submit the webpage or website to search engines. The reason for adding a website to SE, the owner does not have to wait for search engine crawlers. The second reason is to have a webpage updated in a particular search engine.

There are many search engines available. All of these uses spiders or robots to crawl the Internet to find new websites. After that, they index them in their database. Search engines are generally driven by keywords that are implemented in the website content, meta-keywords, and meta-description as this what any surfer types in the search box to locate the information they want. As the link popularity and keyword optimization play an imperative role in gaining your site to rank high, manual submissions are important as well.

Let us see few good SEO Tips for some major search engines submission:

Google and Yahoo:

Google and Yahoo both are the most important and extensively used SE’s on the World Wide Web. Without any doubt, Google is the most popular search engine; Yahoo is also often considered as the best. While making any search in both the search engines, one thing you will see is that Yahoo offers you wide results that Google looks over. Even though, both engines must get the top priority for search engine submission. So if you do not want to miss huge benefits of getting huge traffic, you should submit your website to both of these search engines.


Relatively this is a new option; this search engine is powered and developed by Microsoft itself. In a very short span of time, it has gained a lot of popularity as Yahoo and Google. Getting your site listed in Bing is important equally as it has obtained the third-highest rank along with the other search engines.